Andrew Whittall

Andrew Whittall


Andy is the CEO and Founder of Educore Services, a fast growing innovative schools operator which provides equitable access to quality education services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Since its inception in 2013 Educore has grown rapidly, and now comprises three all-through school brands ranging from a low cost private school concept to a group of premium independent schools. The schools focus on providing outstanding quality education whatever the price point, and aim to change the lives of their students and surrounding communities.

Educore’s sister organisation, the Educore Foundation, provides school improvement and teacher education services to the Zambian government and other impact partners on a not for profit basis.

Andrew was born and schooled in Zimbabwe before graduating from Trinity College Cambridge with a Masters in Engineering and a clutch of cricket blues. He enjoyed an exciting incarnation as a Zimbabwean cricketer before his interests took him into the education sector, where he has worked for several years. He is a firm believer that all economic and social development hinges on ensuring young people have the right opportunities to learn and achieve, and are armed with the skills they need to drive their country’s development.


17 June 2017
12:45  -  13:30