Debbie Rogers

Debbie Rogers was appointed Managing Director of in 2017, after having been General Manager at Praekelt Foundation since late 2015. Prior to that, her role entailed being the lead Strategist for the organization and heading up the Health Portfolio for Praekelt Foundation. Her work at Praekelt has exposed her to both the commercial dimension of the mobile industry and the ways that mobile solutions might be applied to development problems. Recent work includes leading the development of the digital strategy for one of the largest telcos in South Africa and designing and managing the implementation of South Africa’s national maternal mHealth programme, MomConnect.

The combination of her advanced degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Digital Art and her experience lecturing and working in the field of digital communications allows her to bring both technological problem-solving skills and creative insights to her work. Prior to Praekelt, Debbie was a Multimedia Lecturer at Vega School of Brand Communications and a Flash developer at the You&Me Digital Agency.