Dr Imoh Ilevbare

Dr Imoh Michael Ilevbare works at IfM Education and Consultancy Services at the University of Cambridge as a Product Manager for its Innovation and Technology Management services. He has responsibility for the development and delivery of management tools for industry application from Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) research. He is also part of the consulting team that configures and delivers bespoke solutions to address organisation’s specific challenges.

Imoh’s key expertise is in Strategic Technology and Innovation Management, and has developed tools/solutions in and around strategic roadmapping, technology strategy, risk management, portfolio selection, product/service design, strategic marketing, creativity, and the assessment of innovation and technology management capabilities. These solutions have been delivered globally to organisations of different sizes across several industries. Imoh also delivers training in these areas.

In addition to his work at the University of Cambridge, Imoh is technology strategy Theme Editor for R&D Today, an online-based outreach magazine by the Research and Development Management Association (RADMA). His areas of interest include digitalisation and digital transformation of firms.

Prior to these, Imoh obtained a PhD from University of Cambridge studying roadmapping and risk management in the context of strategic innovation planning, and graduated with first class honours in Mechanical Engineering. He previously worked in FMCG, oilfield servicing and agri-business industries.

For a list of Imoh’s publications, go to:  http://www.ifm.eng.cam.ac.uk/people/imi22/