Tom Miller

Tom Miller


Tom is CEO and Co-founder of Cambridge Energy Partners, a renewable energy company based out of Cambridge, UK. Cambridge Energy Partners produces utility-scale solar energy systems for off-grid markets, and offers the world’s first turn-key solar system that is prefabricated in a factory, quick to install at site, easy to redeploy, and that also uses solar tracking. CEP’s aim is to bring high quality, low-cost renewable energy to large industrial customers in remote areas – and offers large power consumers the ability to access sub 5 cent power without the risk of a stranded asset.

Tom’s experience spans the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, having worked in various roles across Citi (equities), the Australian Treasury (the budget, risk and debt policy), and the Papa New Guinea Sustainable Development Program (power infrastructure, post-mine development initiatives). Tom has a MBA from the University of Cambridge, and has undergraduate degrees in Commerce and Economics (First Class Honours) from the University of Queensland, Australia.


17 June 2017
Infrastructure, Energy & Mining
15:30  -  16:15