Tracey McNeill

Tracey McNeill is CEO of babyl Rwanda, for the last 3 years she has lived and worked in Rwanda establishing Africa’s first fully integrated digital health service into the Rwandan health system. By using digital health technology as an enabler with AI in government health posts and facilities she has been helping transform the delivery of healthcare to the entire population by offering accessible and affordable health care to all. The results have been exceptional with adoption rates of over 2m registered patients (40% of eligible population) and digital health consultations delivered to over 150,000 patients’ in the first year.

Tracey is an experienced international healthcare operations executive. She has worked extensively in a diverse range of sensitive healthcare settings globally.

In the last 10 years, Tracey has worked in the developing world for both private sector and NGO’s that transform the lives of people. She was formerly SVP and Commercial Director of Marie Stope’s International with responsibility for commercialising many of its international programs through delivering sustainable solutions.

Tracey is a team player and mentor; she has a skill set for building effective partnerships at every level through gaining trust and delivering transformation on a national scale.

In addition, she has recently become babylon’s Chief Mobilisation Officer and responsible for the global mobilisation of Babylon’s services.