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Sponsoring the Cambridge Africa Business Network conference is a unique value proposition for individuals, corporates and non-profit organisations. Sponsorship offers unparalleled access to the diverse and enterprising talent at the intellectual core of Cambridge Judge Business School. Sponsors of the conference will have the opportunity to promote their brand at one of the world’s leading academic institutions and a renowned center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Sponsors of the conference will have their brand appear prominently throughout the conference day, with inclusion of the company logo on conference materials and the conference website. Most importantly, we will acknowledge the sponsorship role through direct communication to conference participants.

Beyond the scope of the conference, we envision an enduring and collaborative partnership between the CABN membership and conference sponsors. We are confident that conference sponsors will be able to achieve their corporate objectives while helping to advance our goal to spur greater dialogue on issues related to Africa in addition to raising awareness of the continent’s future prospects and potential for sustained prosperity. Our sponsorship options are illustrated below.

Sponsorship Options

Platinum Gold Silver
Sponsorship level £5,000 £2,500 £1,000
Availability 1 4 8
Co-branding for entire conference X
Option to sponsor a specific speaker or panel X X
Introductory message in the conference programme X
Full page advertisement in the conference programme X
Half page advertisement in the conference programme X X
Sponsorship of dinner X
Signage rights X
Display table during the conference X X X
Logo on brochure X X X
Logo on website X X X
Acknowledgement in introduction X X X
Four complimentary tickets to the event X X X

We will also accept sponsorship from individuals, who will be recognised as part of our circle of patrons.

Benefits of Sponsorship


Depending on the sponsorship tier chosen, sponsors can be included in all communications, including advertising.

Internships and recruitment

Cambridge Judge Business School attracts leading graduate students on a yearly basis, many of them looking to change careers. Sponsors would be given the opportunity to work with our Career Services office to offer internship places and would also be given a copy of the graduate book, complete with student profiles to aid its recruitment.

Working with MBAs – The Cambridge Venture Project and the Global Consulting Project

Cambridge runs two MBA projects each year, one in the autumn and one in the spring. Both projects give clients the ability to sponsor a strategic project to be completed by MBAs, with the sponsoring companies paying only the expenses of the project team. Companies that have sponsored projects this year include Swiss Re, Credit Suisse, Google, BT and Bridges Ventures. Sponsors can be connected with our Projects team to develop a potential project.

Leadership seminars

Cambridge Judge Business School holds regular Leadership Seminars each term, inviting the world’s leading business leaders to address the student body and Cambridge Judge affiliates. A short podcast is then placed on the Cambridge Judge Business School website. Past speakers include Dominic Barton, Managing Partner for McKinsey, Brad Fried, Former CEO of Investec, and Lord Dennis Stevenson, serial entrepreneur and member of the House of Lords.

A conference with a difference – multi-faceted views

Cambridge’s inaugural conference aims to distinguish itself from the other business school conferences that focus on Africa. We have attracted a wider range of speakers and panellists. We have also partnered with major government representatives both from the UK and the African continent. All of these speakers will be in addition to a range of investors and businesspeople operating at the top of their organisations and making important decisions that will affect how African economies develop in the near term. The conference will offer sponsors VIP access to network with our distinguished faculty, keynote speakers and panellists.

Not just a student conference

While we expect the conference to raise interest amongst the graduates at Cambridge Judge Business School and in the wider University, we are aiming to attract business practitioners interested in business and investing across the African continent. Given Cambridge’s proximity to London and our ability to leverage a number of personal and professional networks such as the Professionals for Africa network in London, and our marketing strategy which will include mainstream publications, we feel that we will be attracting a quality audience with decision-making responsibilities in their own organisations, ensuring the impact of the conference.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact us.

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