Mansoor Hamayun

Mansoor is the CEO & co-founder of BBOXX, a next-generation utility that develops, manufactures and distributes solar energy solutions to developing countries across Africa and Asia. Founded in 2010 by Mansoor and two fellow Imperial College London students, the company has enjoyed fast growth; it now employs more than 500 people across its markets and has brought reliable, clean electricity to more than 150,000 homes.

BBOXX stemmed from e.quinox, a charity started by Mansoor and his two co-founders during their final year at Imperial College. Through his charitable work, Mansoor obtained considerable experience in dealing with NGOs and governments in order to coordinate complex projects in the area of rural electrification.

As CEO, Mansoor leads BBOXX in all aspects of its business – from its engineering lab in London to its factory in China, to distribution from its local shops across Kenya, Rwanda, Togo and D.R. Congo.